About IDt

IDt (Indiana Dream Team) is much more than just a program, it is a ministry. True life changes come from the inside out not in temporary behavior change. Our goal is a spiritual transformation that reflects in behavior. Our Director, Eric Lashbrook, often says, “we are not a 12 step program but a one step ministry which is Jesus Christ”. Our ministry is built on relationships and our residents have personal attention from staff volunteers, resident mentors, pastors and teachers. Regular one on one meetings are scheduled with residents for challenge and encouragement.

We offer classes in many areas but our main focus comes from hands on learning, and working along side teachers and mentors. We strive for individual unity, family unity, church unity and community unity.


IDt is located on a 82 acre property in the town of Gosport, Indiana.

Facilities include:

  • 5 acre lake
  • Group home housing 10-15 young men
  • Home for male staff and transitioning young men
  • Wood shop
  • James Lee Rike Education Center


Indiana Dream Team was established in 2004 as a faith-based residential program by Pastor Eric Lashbrook. The name for the ministry came from a book, God’s Dream Team, that has helped to shape Eric’s vision for the ministry – enabling people with a vital relationship with Jesus Christ to nurture troubled young men to wholeness and help restore their broken families.

Eric and his wife Donna Lashbrook have been ministering to youth in Morgan County since 1992. Eric’s desire to help troubled young men found a natural relationship with the Morgan County Court system as Eric and other volunteers from IDt often appear in court to stand with or be available to a troubled young men facing charges. Seeing the desperate situation of many of these men has helped to inspire the vision of developing a place where residential homes could be built and managed.

In the Fall of 2003, this vision began to take shape as a 42 acre tract became available near Gosport, IN and was purchased as the permanent home of IDt. Eric and Donna sold their home and moved to make their home in the house that came with the property.

A flurry of activity has characterized since the purchase of the property. Through donations of both services and materials, roads have been formed on the property. The local electric company has donated their services and have run electrical lines/boxes throughout the property. Thanks to a special donor, the James Lee Rike Educational Center has been built on property to provide office spaces, a work out facility, full kitchen, library, meeting rooms and music studio.

In 2013, director Eric Lashbrook made the decision to buy a 40 acre plot located behind the current 42 acres in order to build more houses and facilities to grow the ministry.

The ministry has seen an equivalent growth in staff and programs. Anger Management, Honor, Integrity & character building are some of curriculum. Tutoring is in place for the young men of IDt’s residential program to be able to acquire their General Education Diploma as most of them have not completed high school.