When Jeramy first asked to be a part of IDt, Director Eric Lashbrook sadly informed him that he could not until he first made things right. And to that Jeramy replied, “Let’s Go!”

With a search warrant out for his arrest, Jeramy made the decision to turn himself in. Eric remembers the day he took Jeramy to jail, “I’ll never forget the day I walked into the jail with him, seeing his father emotionally torn to the point that he could not go into the jail with me. He had tears falling down his face as he watched his son and I walk in to turn Jeramy over to the authorities.” Jeramy’s last words to his father before willingly turning himself in was, “Everything will be ok, dad, I love you.”

Jeramy did some jail time and then was released into IDt’s custody. He shares his testimony now of how he simply felt like he was missing something in life and that he tried to fill that void with drugs and women. He did 8 months of jail time in California for burglary. His family moved then to Indiana, but the void in his life and drug lifestyle followed after him. He ended up getting two DUI’s and wrecking two vehicles. Jeramy shares in his testimony that “…after talking to Eric and turning myself in, it only took 2 or 3 days in jail until I bowed down to God.”

Jeramy looks back on his old life with disbelief. “My lifestyle would be known as a menace to society because of the selling and using of drugs and many other bad decisions I made in my life. Now I strive to be like Jesus and be obedient to his word. I know in my own hands I cant survive. IDt gave me the chance to start a new life with the Lord, one that I can be proud of.”

Jeramy is now married and states that he is now on probation with God everyday.