Needs List

IDt is a non-profit charitable ministry.  As such, there are many items that are frequently needed and relatively easy for parents, volunteers, and friends to donate.  Items for donation can be brought to the Barnwood Furniture Store at 495 W. Morgan St. in Martinsville, 10am-5pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays; 10am-7pm Fridays and Saturdays.  Or call Donation Coordinator Derek Brown for more information.  Thank you to everyone for helping to support God’s vision for this ministry. Urgent needs are marked in bold.

The guys are working longer hours in the summer season. We currently need 25 supper meals brought in each Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening.

(* Thank you to Debra Barker for donating meals each Tuesday!)


Personal & Household Items:

Body Wash


Baby Powder

Finger-Nail Clippers

Small Fans


Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Paper Plates & Bowls

Coffee Pot

Hand Towels

Shoe Goo

Aloe (Sunburn Relief Spray, etc.)

Car Cleaning Supplies

Horse Tack & Grooming Supplies

Cat Flea Medication

Pens & Highlighters

Envelopes & Stampes

Gasoline Gift Cards from Casey’s


Grocery Items:



Breakfast Items (i.e. PopTarts, Cereal, etc.)


Half and Half



Lunch Meats

Cheese (sliced and shredded)

Sugar, Flour, Pepper, Hot Sauce


Long-Term Needs:

Boot Oil and Waterproofing Spray


Air Compressor

Pneumatic automotive tools

Salamander Space Heater

Chain Saw

Wood-Splitting Maul

Wood-Splitting Wedges

Bulk Concrete (80 x 80 space)

1500 Gallon Plastic Water Tank

15-Passenger Van

Small Fuel-Efficient Car

Rolling/Lockable Tool Box

New Computers

HP 80 A Toner Cartridge for HP m401dne Printer


{Last update: July 2017}