Our Program

Indiana Dream Team (IDt) is a one year residential program (Phase one), followed by a Phase two (four to six months) on property transition, and Phase three (one year) off property transition.  This is a combined thirty month program designed for residents to live in a family environment helping them to develop vision and goals for their future.

Phase One

This is a twelve to eighteen month residential part of the IDt program, designed for residents to live in a family environment on IDt property, where qualified staff, mentors and house parents will provide a supervised, structured family atmosphere.  We will help Residents to develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  We shall rebuild the family that has been targeted for division and destruction.  We will transition residents back into a healthy environment in order to have greater future success.

Phase Two

This is a four to six month transition where the resident begins to gain more responsibilities and freedoms while still living on property.  At this time the resident may begin to pursue a more individualized plan for each resident including part time employment, college classes, etc…  This time is designed for the resident to become more responsible with tasks and residents put under him or her.  During this time they are developing new skills in leadership, trades, holding others accountable while being helped to a higher level of accountability themselves.

Phase Three

This is a one year transition off property that provides a step between the structured life at IDt to the world.  This step is crucial in the success of the resident.  This phase adjusts the resident to the major changes in structure, accountability, decision making, relational connections, spiritual input, contact with the opposite sex, merging into mainstream society, reuniting with family, friends from the past.  During this time the resident lives with host parents from participating churches who understand the hardships during this phase.  This phase bridges the gap between the 24/7 structured life at IDt and the 24/7 unstructured life in society.