“Being a servant means being willing to sacrifice for others to win.”

There have been countless sacrifices by IDt staff, Board members, volunteers, and ministry partners.  The rewards seen from these sacrifices, through changed young people, is what keeps us moving forward; giving more and serving them regardless of the cost.  God has shown himself to be faithful time and time again and we, as a ministry, will continue to follow His example of selflessness, servant hood, and sacrifice for others to win.

God has given us much favor in the hearts of his people, the courts, probation, and families to reach the young people in this generation.  And His favor, presence, and power are needed now more than ever.

My compassion for young people and burdens I carry for them has never been greater.  The bondages of sin that we continue to see through drugs, alcohol, pornography, the tearing apart of families, and many other evil lies have never been stronger in any other generation.  BUT, where sin abounds grace abounds more.

We ask that you please pray about your involvement in IDt.  We are run solely by financial donations from people like you.  No amount is too small.  Your donation goes a long way in this ministry.  Many of the youth and families we work with live on little or no income.  Many of the young people are still transitioning from ‘jail life’ to the world once again and we are in the process of helping them get jobs (which isn’t easy with a record).  We help them during this transition time with food, gas money, clothing, etc.  We’ve got homes needing to be built for youth, roads to be run thru the property, salaries to be raised for new staff to come on board to help with the work load.  The call for IDt and this ministry to serve Indiana has never been greater.  As I said, your finances go a long way in this ministry.   I challenge you in your giving to the young people of your community through IDt.  Pray and be obedient to what God tells you and then watch what God does through your sacrifice, serving, and selflessness.  We’d appreciate having you on the team!

Thank you for rising to the challenge to do all you can to make a difference in a young person’s life.


Pastor Eric W. Lashbrook, IDt Directorand the IDt Ministry Team